Laetitia Meffre

multimedia artist / founder of corbeau studio

Artist Statement

My work is to be deeply authentic and faithful to the visions and dreams I perceive. My imagination seizes the impalpable and allows me to create other worlds, built of mental, emotional and physical perceptions.

I wonder about our relationship with the invisible, the mystery that surrounds us. I find a sense of wholeness weaving worlds, inviting all my perceptions and realities to come together, giving them a space and a language. 




I was raised in France. Painting and drawing were my first means of expression. I studied visual arts in Spain, where I also began to investigate difference and distance, and then, what unites us.

I have since explored performance art, facilitation and expressive arts therapy in France, Italy, Chile and Brazil. Since 2008, I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my astonishing son. In 2017, I founded Corbeau Studio, an art therapy practice and working studio.


All work copyrighted to Laetitia Meffre. All reproduction requires written permission. Photography by Nina Wright.