Laetitia Meffre

multimedia artist / founder of corbeau studio

Inner portrait Commission


The inner portrait is an intimate peregrination towards oneself. The offering proposes to be a testimony of your non-visible treasures, capturing your inner features, apart from your physical traits. 

In a series of four private sessions at Corbeau Studio, I will guide you through different expressive arts activities. The confidential and non-judgmental nature of this experience provides a safe container for you to express and explore your inner depths. Materials gathering from our sessions will enrich me to creating your one-of-a-kind inner portrait. Your artwork will be delivered at our closing session.

  • 4 Private Sessions
    90 minutes per session

  • Inner Portrait (sizes and materials vary)
    Please allow one month (following the last private session) for portrait completion

  • 1 Closing Session
    45 minutes per session

  • $3,875/Commission Package
    Package include all four private sessions, 1 closing session, material costs, portrait creation, and all applicable taxes.


All work copyrighted to Laetitia Meffre. All reproduction requires written permission. Photography by Nina Wright.